100 days to as

-work in progress-

The journey through standardised education isn't standardised. 

Regarded as one of the final rites of passage in Singapore's pre-

University education system, the journey of adolescents hinging on the

precipice of adulthood (by law at least) has never felt so mundane and 

archaic at the same time. Youth culture is highly romanticised in

common media, excluding the ironically more common narrative of our

teenagedom. This is our youth.

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general paper lessons are too generic

the replacement oversimplifies current events, currently dying in class

but if its any comfort, we can always hide under the iconic school sweater that also acts as a thick pillow and shelter from boring lessons



take all the medical certificates from life:

from school              from this project

but after a month of anxiety - riddled examinations             and intensive work on another art project

im back from hiatus


with less motivation for As then ever


start the panicked last minute tuition search



studied for 9 hours on a saturday

couldve done more, but the rest of the day was spent contemplating alternative life choices i could have made

in the end. whats the point anyway?



'clara why are you so needy today'

clara proceeds to hug aretha for 3 full minutes


4 days to prelims

status update: everyone's emotional





someday everything will be okay


find a quiet location for respite

hole up from your responsibilities for a day/ week / month / year / forever*


*duration varies according to stress levels



happy 51st

as the ultimate act of patriotism - for me at least - 

spent an average of 7 hours per day (90-89) studying at various starbucks outlets


get that A




shan stop using my phone to talk to xenia

glitch on canvas

90 x 90

benita leong 



call 1800-9292-9292 for enquiries 



93 days left 39 Pokemon caught tonight

/if you look closely hes clenching a pokeball

mcdonalds, circa 2009

whats the opportunity cost of being the very best, like no one ever was ?


failing prelims





dont burn out, dont burn your eggs!

refuelling essentials:

1. ajitsuke tamago
2. sushi
3. ramen
4. ayataka or coconut water
5. star trek marathon





systems failure


repression and avoidance



1.5 weeks to prelims : half finished great expectations, an apt parallel to life


/polaroid taken by my brother/



人生はスポーツです life is a sport drink 100 plus

clearing my wallet, a moment of dread

97 days left: $97 medical bill, $3 spent on reduced-price energy drinks, 100% regret

-rivervale mall adventures with my brother



"fuck my alarm didn't go off" 

jumping out of bed at 4am delirious

wash up, get ready, realise you have a fever and its dark outside

101 degree fahrenheit, 98 to go 



Travelling to empty office buildings on the weekends

Trying not to fall asleep while writing about Keynesian Theory

Realising you've spent $16.90 of your hard earned savings on tea and sugary necessities 

dont fall asleep dont fall asleep dont fall asleep dont fall asleep dont fall asleep dont fall asleep dont fall asleep dont fall asleepdsefhegiwyloU111111111111111111111111



Documenting the decline into sleep deprivation and caffeine induced madness.

In other news, a bird attacked me while I was studying at Starbucks and I think thats an apt summary of my life at this point of time.

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